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"Just a Housewife"

The Rise and Fall of Domesticity in America

by Glenna Matthews

<p>Housewives constitute a large section of the population, yet they have received very little attention, let alone respect. Glenna Matthews, who herself spent many years as &quot;just a housewife&quot; before becoming a scholar of American ...

ISBN: 9780190281656

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'A New Type of History'

Fictional Proposals for dealing with the Past

by Beverley Southgate

<p>Linking fiction with history and historical theory, <em>'A New Type of History': Fictional Proposals for dealing with the Past</em> focuses on a selection of nineteenth- and twentieth-century novelists – Tolstoy, Proust, John Cowper Powys, ...

ISBN: 9781317431121

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'Rogues and Vagabonds'

Vagrant Underworld in Britain 1815-1985

by Lionel Rose

<p>In this lively social history, first published in 1988, Lionel Rose explores in detail the plight of the street poor between 1815 and 1985. He describes the Victorian ‘Rogues and Vagabonds’ who made elicit peddling, begging frauds and other ...

ISBN: 9781317361367

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'Total Germany'

The Royal Navy' War Against the Axis Powers 1939-1945

by David Wragg

<SPAN STYLE= "" >On the declaration of war in 1939 the British Admiralty signalled all warships and naval bases 'Total Germany, Total Germany'.<BR><BR>It was fortunate that of Germany's three armed services, the Kriegsmarine under ...

ISBN: 9781473844650

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(Dis)connected Empires

Imperial Portugal, Sri Lankan Diplomacy, and the Making of a Habsburg Conquest in Asia

by Zoltán Biedermann

<p>(Dis)connected Empires takes the reader on a global journey to explore the triangle formed during the sixteenth century between the Portuguese empire, the empire of Kotte in Sri Lanka, and the Catholic Monarchy of the Spanish Habsburgs. It ...

ISBN: 9780192556370

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(Re)Constructing Communities in Europe, 1918-1968

Senses of Belonging Below, Beyond and Within the Nation-State

by Stefan Couperus & Harm Kaal

<p>This book offers a new perspective on the social history of twentieth-century Europe by investigating the ideals and ideas, the life worlds and ideologies that emerge behind the use of the concept of community. It explores a wide variety of ...

ISBN: 9781315532714

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‘Guilty Women’, Foreign Policy, and Appeasement in Inter-War Britain

by Julie V. Gottlieb

<p>British women were deeply invested in foreign policy between the wars. This study casts new light on the turn to international affairs in feminist politics, the gendered representation and experience of the Munich Crisis, and the profound ...

ISBN: 9781137316608

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“Misfits” in Fin-de-Siècle France and Italy

Anatomies of Difference

by Professor Susan A. Ashley

<p>As the 19th century drew to a close, France and Italy experienced an explosion of crime, vagrancy, insanity, neurosis and sexual deviance. <em>“Misfits” in Fin-de-Siècle France and Italy</em> examines how the raft of self-appointed experts ...

ISBN: 9781350013414

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«Inter duas potestates»: The Religious Policy of Theoderic the Great

by Monika Ozóg

<p>This book discusses Theoderic the Great’s years of political activity, which coincided with the advent of a new era and were marked by features of two distinct civilizations. From the political and cultural viewpoint, he stood at the boundary

ISBN: 9783653973167

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«New Portuguese Letters» to the World

International Reception

by Ana Paula Ferreira, Ana Luísa Amaral & Marinela Freitas

<p>Published in 1972, <em>New Portuguese Letters</em> addressed censored issues – such as the colonial war, immigration, the Catholic Church, violence, and the legal and social status of women – becoming a symbol of resistance against the ...

ISBN: 9783035396560

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100 Maps that Changed the World

by John O E Clark

A stunning compilation of the most important, dramatic, beautiful and inspirational maps. An ancient Chinese proverb suggests, "They are wise parents who give their children roots and wings - and a map." Maps That Changed the World features ...

ISBN: 9781849942973

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100 Mistakes that Changed History: Backfires and Blunders That Collapsed Empires, Crashed Economies, and Altered the Course of Our World

by Fawcett Bill

OOPS. * Reeling from the Black Death, Europe's peasants decide it is cats that are carrying the plague, and start killing them off . . .leading the rat population, which is really spreading the disease, to explode. * A better society is ...

ISBN: 9780425236659

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101 Things You Need to Know About Suffragettes


Suffragettes learned jiu-jitsu, repelled policemen with their hatpins, burnt down football stadiums and planted bombs. They rented a house near to Holloway Prison and sang rebel anthems to the Suffragettes inside. They barricaded themselves into

ISBN: 9780750988841

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13 Sharks

The Careers of a series of small Royal Navy Ships, from the Glorious Revolution to D-Day.

by John D Grainger

<SPAN STYLE= "" >John D Grainger charts the careers of the thirteen vessels that have served the Royal Navy under the name HMS Shark. Despite the ferocious name, they have all been relatively small vessels including one brigantine, five sloops, ...

ISBN: 9781473877269

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Martin Luther and the Invention of the Reformation

by Peter Marshall

<p>Martin Luther's posting of the 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg on 31 October 1517 is one of the most famous events of Western history. It inaugurated the Protestant Reformation, and has for centuries been a powerful ...

ISBN: 9780191504617

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1916: The Easter Rising

by Tim Pat Coogan

ISBN: 9780753818527

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1917 – The Passchendaele Year

The British Army in Flanders: The Diary of Achiel Van Walleghem

by Achiel Van Walleghem

<p>This unusual work offers a personal documentary and highly individual witness to the terrible events in Flanders in 1917. The Battle of “Third Ypres” - popularly known as “Passchendaele”  - epitomized  the worst slaughter on the western front

ISBN: 9781911454427

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1919, The Year of Racial Violence

How African Americans Fought Back

by David F. Krugler

<p>1919, The Year of Racial Violence recounts African Americans' brave stand against a cascade of mob attacks in the United States after World War I. The emerging New Negro identity, which prized unflinching resistance to second-class ...

ISBN: 9781316189450

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Europe in the Shadow of the Beast

by Arthur Haberman

<p>The year 1930 can be seen as the dawn of a period of darkness, the beginning of a decade that Auden would style “low, dishonest.” That year was one of the most reflective moments in modernity. After the optimism of the nineteenth century, the

ISBN: 9781771123631

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1938: Modern Britain

Social Change and Visions of the Future

by Michael John Law

<p>In <em>1938: Modern Britain</em>, Michael John Law demonstrates that our understanding of life in Britain just before the Second World War has been overshadowed by its dramatic political events. 1938 was the last year of normality, and Law ...

ISBN: 9781474285025

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