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Backyard Self-Sufficiency

by Jackie French

<p>Self-sufficient gardens are beautiful - a ramble of productivity, and a profusion of smells and colour. Jackie will help you to create a 'Garden of Eden' in your own backyard.&nbsp;</p><p>First published in 2009 by Aird Books (imprint of ...

ISBN: 9780947214586

Binding: Paperback


BBC Gardeners' Question Time Techniques and Tips

by Barry Bish

ISBN: 9780857833655

Binding: Paperback


Beeswax Alchemy

How to Make Your Own Soap, Candles, Balms, Creams, and Salves from the Hive

by Petra Ahnert

This is a reference book for all things beeswax. It offers a basic introduction to extracting and purifying beeswax, as well as many items that can be made with it. ...

ISBN: 9781592539796

Binding: Paperback


Beginning Hydroponics Revised Ed

by Richard Nicholls

ISBN: 9780894717413

Binding: Paperback


Belle Australian Landscape Designers

by Belle

AUSTRALIAN LANDSCAPE DESIGNERS are creating some of the most innovative, beautiful and sustainable gardens in the world. To celebrate this incredible Australian talent Belle has teamed up with acclaimed garden and interiors photographer, ...

ISBN: 9781925695052

Binding: Hardback


Berry Bounty

How to Grow Traditional & Unusual Berries, from Strawberries & Blueberries to Feijoas, Mangosteens & Tamarillos

by Allen Gilbert

With the increasing interest in 'super' berries and their health benefits it is good to know they can be grown organically, and that most are suited to small gardens and pots. They are full of: Vitamins A, C and E; Folic and amino acids; ...

ISBN: 9781864471151

Binding: Paperback


Beth Chatto's Garden Notebook

by Chatto Beth

ISBN: 9780752816449

Binding: Paperback


Beyond the Garden Gate: Private Gardens of the Southern Highlands

by Jaqui Cameron & Sue Stubb

ISBN: 9781760760014

Binding: Hardback


Bob's Basics: Companion Planting

by Bob Flowerdew

ISBN: 9780857834683

Binding: Paperback


Bob's Basics: Composting

by Bob Flowerdew

ISBN: 9780857834690

Binding: Paperback


Bob's Basics: Simple & Green Pest & Disease Control

by Bob Flowerdew

ISBN: 9780857834720

Binding: Paperback


Bob's Basics: Sowing, Planting, Watering

by Bob Flowerdew

ISBN: 9780857834737

Binding: Paperback


Bold Dry Garden


ISBN: 9781604696707

Binding: Hardback



by Kindersley Dorling

<i>Know, grow, and create beautiful bonsai</i> <i>Bonsai </i>is the ultimate introduction to bonsai trees, with illustrated step-by-step projects to make bonsai for beginners simple and achievable. With an A-Z directory of ...

ISBN: 9781409344087

Binding: Hardback


Bonsai and Penjing

Ambassadors of peace & Beauty

by Ann McClellan

<p><span style="line-height: 1.45em;">In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the National Bonsai &amp; Penjing Museum in&nbsp;</span><span style="line-height: 1.45em;">Washington, D.C., this exquisite book tells the awe-inspiring stories of ...

ISBN: 9780804847018

Binding: Hardback


Bonsai Basics

by Colin Lewis

ISBN: 9780600619109

Binding: Paperback


Botanist's Vocabulary


An up-to-date, concise, and accurate glossary of botanical terms frequently used by gardeners and nature enthusiasts. Perfect for advanced gardeners; for students; for horticulturists and nursery professionals 'A Botanist's Vocabulary' gives ...

ISBN: 9781604695632

Binding: Hardback


Botany for Gardeners


A bestseller since its debut in 1990, this indispensable and handy reference has now been expanded and updated to include an appendix on plant taxonomy and a comprehensive index. Two dozen new photos and illustrations make this new edition even

ISBN: 9781604690958

Binding: Paperback


Bringing the Mediterranean into your Garden


Mediterranean garrigue landscapes are extraordinarily beautiful: alternating mounds of silver and green, textured leaves, flashes of colour and intoxicating scents combine to delight the senses and rival any cultivated garden with half the work.

ISBN: 9781999734510

Binding: Hardback


Bunny Williams On Garden Style

by Bunny Williams

ISBN: 9781617691539

Binding: Hardback