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Mathematical Mindsets

Unleashing Students' Potential through Creative Math, Inspiring Messages and Innovative Teaching

by Jo Boaler

ISBN: 9780470894521

Binding: Paperback


Mathematics for Dyslexics and Dyscalculics

A Teaching Handbook

by Steve Chinn

<p>A seminal handbook in the field for more than 20 years, this new and updated edition of <i>Mathematics for Dyslexics</i><i>and Dyscalculics</i> contains the latest research and best practices for helping learners with numerical and ...

ISBN: 9781119159964

Binding: Paperback


Maths Squared

100 concepts you should know

by Rachel Thomas

Everybody knows and understands Pythagoras' theorem, but <i>Maths Squared</i> introduces you to the world of Einstein's relativity theory, Euclidean geometry, and the butterfly effect. ...

ISBN: 9781845436452

Binding: Paperback


MCSA Windows Server 2016 Complete Study Guide

Exam 70-740, Exam 70-741, Exam 70-742, and Exam 70-743

by William Panek

ISBN: 9781119359142

Binding: Paperback


MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-742

by William Panek

<b>Comprehensive preparation for the final MCSA exam, updated for Windows Server 2016</b> <p><i>MCSA Windows Server 2016 Study Guide: Exam 70-742</i> is the ultimate preparation resource for the third and final MCSA exam. Tightly focused and ...

ISBN: 9781119359326

Binding: Paperback


Me and My Mentor: How Mentoring Supercharged the Careers of 11 Extraordinary Women

by Norah Breekveldt

Me and My Mentor explores these and other questions mentors and mentees face in their working life. Eleven mentor and mentee couples talk openly about their experiences, the professional and personal friendships that evolved, the challenges they

ISBN: 9781925556230

Binding: Paperback


Meaning Over Memory: Recasting the Teaching of Culture and History

by Peter N. Stearns

ISBN: 9780807844854

Binding: Paperback


Mediation and Thinking Development in Schools: Theories and Practices for Educators

by Heidi Flavian

ISBN: 9781787560239

Binding: Paperback



The key to a fairer world

by Jack Manning Bancroft

ISBN: 9781743793534

Binding: Paperback



Children, Computers, And Powerful Ideas

by Seymour Papert

ISBN: 9780465046744

Binding: Paperback


Monsters of the Ivy League

by Steve Radlauer

ISBN: 9780316465298

Binding: Hardback


More Than One Struggle: The Evolution of Black School Reform in Milwaukee

by Jack Dougherty

ISBN: 9780807855249

Binding: Paperback


Mr. Fibber

by Yirmi Pinkus

When Mr. Fibber accidentally drops his coin in a jar of juice, he magically shrinks so he can dive down and retrieve it. On a walk one day, he stumbles upon a giant dog with a smokestack on its back, towing a train behind it ? and hitches a ...

ISBN: 9781683961789

Binding: Hardback


Mr. Nogginbody Gets a Hammer

by David Shannon

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. After snagging his toe, Mr. Nogginbody makes a visit to his local hardware store in search of solutions. Armed with a shiny new hammer, he successfully fixes the nail protruding from his

ISBN: 9781324003441

Binding: Hardback


Multicultural Education in an Age of Globalization: Compelling Issues for Engagement

by Chinaka DomNwachukwu

ISBN: 9781475818871

Binding: Paperback


Narrative Inquiry

Experience and Story in Qualitative Research

by D. Jean Clandinin

"The literature on narrative inquiry has been, until now, widely scattered and theoretically incomplete. Clandinin and Connelly have created a major tour de force. This book is lucid, fluid, beautifully argued, and rich in examples. Students ...

ISBN: 9780787972769

Binding: Paperback


Natural Born Learners

Our Incredible Capacity to Learn and How We Can Harness It

by Alex Beard

ISBN: 9781474604727

Binding: Paperback


New Concepts in Commerce

by Stephen J. Chapman

ISBN: 9781118401040

Binding: Paperback


Oxford Teaching Guides: How To Enhance Your Mathematics Subject Knowledge

Number and Algebra for Secondary Teachers

by Jemma Sherwood

ISBN: 9780198423263

Binding: Paperback


Oxford Teaching Guides: How to Teach Even Better

An Evidence-Based Approach

by Geoff Petty

ISBN: 9780198414100

Binding: Paperback