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The Manual of the Warrior of Light

by Paulo Coelho

In the tradition of A Guide for the Advanced Soul comes a collection of insightful philosophical thoughts and stories, in which Paulo Coehlo offers inspiring answers to profound questions to delight spiritual seekers everywhere. It has proved to

ISBN: 9780732280079

Binding: Paperback


The Map of Heaven

by Dr Eben Alexander

When neurosurgeon Dr Eben Alexander published <b><i>Proof of Heaven</i></b>, his account of his near-death experience, he was contacted by a large number of readers: some argued that his account was impossible to believe; but others wrote to ...

ISBN: 9781743519882

Binding: Paperback


The Mastery of Love

by Don Miguel Ruiz

ISBN: 9781878424426

Binding: Paperback


The Meaning of Life

by Alain de Botton

ISBN: 9780995753549

Binding: Hardback


The Mind Manual

Mindapples 5 a Day for a Happy, Healthy Mind

by Andy Gibson

ISBN: 9780600634393

Binding: Paperback


The Mindfulness Bible

The Complete Guide to Living in the Moment

by Patrizia Collard

ISBN: 9781841814520

Binding: Paperback


The Mindfulness Companion

A Creative Journal to Bring Calm to Your Day

by Sarah Arnold

<DIV><P>Colouring, exercises and inspiration for a more mindful day. Make the most of your colouring experience with these simple, tailored exercises that transform colouring into a mindful and calming activity. Each of the stunning patterns ...

ISBN: 9781782435815

Binding: Paperback


The Mini Book of Mindfulness

Simple Meditation Practices to Help You Live in the Moment

by Camilla Sanderson

ISBN: 9780762457922

Binding: Novelty book


The Mood Book

Crystals, Oils, and Rituals to Elevate Your Spirit

by Amy Leigh Mercree

<p><b>Manage your moods and change negatives into positives with this ritual-based guide to essential oils, meditations, mantras, crystal healing, and more.</b></p><p>How are you feeling? <i>The Mood Book</i> wants to know! Organized into ...

ISBN: 9781454933182

Binding: Hardback


The Mystery of the Exploding Teeth and Other Curiosities from the History of Medicine

by Thomas Morris

<b><b>"Delightfully horrifying."--</b><b><i>Popular Science</i></b><BR><b>One of Mental Floss's Best Books of 2018</b><BR><b>One of Science Friday's Best Science Books of 2018</b></b><BR><BR><BR> <b>A mysterious epidemic of dental ...

ISBN: 9780593080320

Binding: Hardback


The Mystical Life Of Jesus

An uncommon perspective on the life of Jesus Christ

by Sylvia Browne

ISBN: 9780749928469

Binding: Paperback


The Other Side And Back

A psychic's guide to the world beyond

by Sylvia Browne

ISBN: 9780749924218

Binding: Paperback


The Palm Reading Guide

Reveal the secrets of the tell tale hand

by Frank C. Clifford

ISBN: 9781781577011

Binding: Hardback


The Peace of Wild Things

by Wendell Berry

If you stop and look around you, you'll start to see. <BR><BR>Tall marigolds darkening. A spring wind blowing. The woods awake with sound. On the wooden porch, your love smiling. Dew-wet red berries in a cup. On the hills, the beginnings of ...

ISBN: 9780141987125

Binding: Paperback


The Place To Be

by Lonely Planet

ISBN: 9781787011250

Binding: Hardback


The Power of Breath and Hand Yoga

Pranayama and mudras for health and wellbeing

by Christine Burke

In <B>The Power of Breath and Hand Yoga</B>, Christine Burke shows how you already have all you need to heal both physical and emotional conditions and improve your overall wellbeing. Breath awareness has been linked to calming the body and ...

ISBN: 9781782497110

Binding: Hardback


The Power Of Gems And Crystals

How They Can Transform Your Life

by Soozi Holbeche

ISBN: 9780349419428

Binding: Paperback


The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-Create Your World Your Way

by Wayne W. Dyer

<b>Dr. Wayne W. Dyer </b>has researched intention as a force in the universe that <i>allows</i> the act of creation to take place. This beautiful gift edition of Wayne's international bestseller explores intention - not as something we do ...

ISBN: 9781401925963

Binding: Paperback


The Power Of Kabbalah

This book contains the secrets of the universe and the meaning of our lives

by Yehuda Berg

ISBN: 9780340826683

Binding: Paperback


The Power of Now

A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

by Eckhart Tolle

ISBN: 9780733627514

Binding: Paperback