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Churchill and Orwell: The Fight for Freedom


ISBN: 9780715652763

Binding: Paperback


Churchill and Sea Power

by Christopher M. Bell

<p>Winston Churchill had a longer and closer relationship with the Royal Navy than any British statesman in modern times, but his record as a naval strategist and custodian of the nation's sea power has been mired in controversy since the ...

ISBN: 9780191625220

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Churchill and the Dardanelles

by Christopher M. Bell

<p>The failed naval offensive to force a passage through the Straits of the Dardanelles in 1915 drove Winston Churchill from office in disgrace and nearly destroyed his political career. For over a century, the Dardanelles campaign has been ...

ISBN: 9780191007002

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Churchill Style:The Art of Being Winston Churchill

The Art of Being Winston Churchill

by Barry Singer

ISBN: 9780810996434

Binding: Hardback


Churchill's Bestiary

His Life Through Animals

by Piers Brendon

<p>'From beak to tail feather and from flipper to fin, this is a book that will long be known, read and savoured.' – James W. Muller, Chairman of the Board of Academic Advisers of the International Churchill Society Winston Churchill was known ...

ISBN: 9781789290516

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Churchill's Confidant

Jan Smuts, Enemy to Lifelong Friend

by Richard Steyn

ISBN: 9781472140760

Binding: Hardback


Churchill's Last Stand

The Struggle to Unite Europe

by Felix Klos

<p>After the Second World War, with much of Europe in ruins, the victorious Winston Churchill swore to build a peace across Europe that would last a generation.</p> ...

ISBN: 9781786722928

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Churchill: An Extraordinary Life

by Sarah Gristwood

Winston Churchill is one of the best-known and most revered figures of our time, the man who led Britain through its 'darkest hour'. The last year alone has seen two feature films of his life. Many books have been published about his life and ...

ISBN: 9781911358534

Binding: Hardback


Churchill: The Life

An authorised pictorial biography

by Max Arthur

ISBN: 9781788400022

Binding: Paperback


Citizen Delhi

My Times, My Life

by Sheila Dikshit

<p>The girl who loved cycling along the tree-lined avenues of a brand new Lutyens' Delhi could never have dreamt that five decades later she would govern, and transform, Delhi as its chief minister – not once, but thrice consecutively.<br ...

ISBN: 9789386826480

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Citizen Explorer

The Life of Zebulon Pike

by Jared Orsi

<p>It was November 1806. The explorers had gone without food for one day, then two. Their leader, not yet thirty, drove on, determined to ascend the great mountain. Waist deep in snow, he reluctantly turned back. But Zebulon Pike had not been ...

ISBN: 9780199314553

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Citizens of London

the Americans who stood with Britain in its darkest, finest hour

by Lynne Olson

<p><strong>An enthralling, behind-the-scenes account of how the United States forged its wartime alliance with Britain.</strong></p> <p><em>Citizens of London</em> brings out of history’s shadows the three key American players in London: Edward

ISBN: 9781925113891

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City of Lies

Love, Sex, Death and the Search for Truth in Tehran

by Ramita Navai

ISBN: 9781780225128

Binding: Paperback


Clarence Thomas and the Lost Constitution

by Myron Magnet

<p>When Clarence Thomas joined the Supreme Court in 1991, he found with dismay that it was interpreting a very different Constitution from the one the framers had written—the one that had established a federal government manned by the people’s ...

ISBN: 9781641770538

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His Life and Work

by Donald Stoker

<p>Carl von Clausewitz's masterwork, <em>On War</em>, is generally considered the greatest text on military theory ever written. Clausewitz is a touchstone for the field today, and is read by scholars, students, and military personnel around the

ISBN: 9780199357963

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Clem Attlee

Labour's Great Reformer

by Francis Beckett

<p>As British prime minister from 1945 to 1951, Clement Attlee built a legacy that includes today's famous-and controversial-National Health Service, yet he is often remembered as a rather dull political figure. Rejecting Winston Churchill's ...

ISBN: 9781910376218

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Client Confidential

Spooks, Secrets and Counter-Espionage in Celtic-Tiger Ireland

by Seán Hartnett

<p>Seán Hartnett left the British army in 2005, operating as a covert surveillance technician at JCU-NI, the top-secret counter-terrorism unit in Northern Ireland. His experiences were published in the bestselling <em>Charlie One</em>, the book ...

ISBN: 9781785372124

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Closet Queens

Some 20th Century British Politicians

by Michael Bloch

ISBN: 9780349138756

Binding: Paperback


Cnut (Penguin Monarchs)

The North Sea King

by Ryan Lavelle

<p>Cnut, or Canute, is one of the great 'what ifs' of English history. The Dane who became King of England after a long period of Viking attacks and settlement, his reign could have permanently shifted eleventh-century England's rule to ...

ISBN: 9780141979885

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Collins of the Sydney: A Life of Vice-Admiral Sir John


****** AUSTRALIAN CONTENT/AUTHOR ****** One of the first intake of teenage cadet-midshipmen to enter the new Royal Australian Naval College, in 1913, John Collins was early recognised as a brilliant officer with remarkable gifts. As captain of ...

ISBN: 9780992279301

Binding: Paperback