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by Sue Perkins

When I began writing this book, I went home to see if my mum had kept some of my old stuff. What I found was that she hadn't kept some of it. She had kept <i>all</i> of it - every bus ticket, postcard, school report - from the moment I was born ...

ISBN: 9781405918558

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The Seven Magic Techniques of Influence, Persuasion and Success

by David Kwong

<p>David Kwong is the go-to consultant for Hollywood’s biggest illusion-heavy projects, including the hit films <em>Now You See Me, The Imitation Game</em> and <em>Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation</em>. In <em>Spellbound</em> he reveals how to

ISBN: 9780753551967

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Spinning Mambo into Salsa

Caribbean Dance in Global Commerce

by Juliet McMains

<p>Arguably the world's most popular partnered social dance form, salsa's significance extends well beyond the Latino communities which gave birth to it. The growing international and cross-cultural appeal of this Latin dance form, which ...

ISBN: 9780199324668

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Staging Beckett in Great Britain

by Trish McTighe & Dr David Tucker

<p>Beckett's relationship with British theatre is complex and underexplored, yet his impact has been immense. Uniquely placing performance history at the centre of its analysis, this volume examines Samuel Beckett's drama as it has been staged ...

ISBN: 9781474240185

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Staging the Past in the Age of Thatcher

"The History We Haven't Had"

by Anthony P. Pennino

<p>This book investigates how the British theatrical community offered an alternative and oppositional historical narrative to the heritage culture promulgated by the Thatcher and Major Governments in the 1980s and early 1990s. It details the ...

ISBN: 9783319966861

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Stanislavski: An Introduction

by Jean Benedetti

<p><em>'A small jewel of a book, a knowleageable introduction to both<br /> Stanislavski's personal development and to the content and range of his<br /> writings'</em> Theatre Journal<br /> <em>'...shows the System to be a practical process ...

ISBN: 9781474279109

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Star Trek

Designing Starships Volume 4

by Matt McAllister

A chronological history of the Klingon fleet from the Star Trek television programs and films, including the TV series<b><i> Star Trek- Discovery</i></b>. ...

ISBN: 9781858755748

Binding: Hardback


Staying On

by C. M. Taylor

<p><strong>A geriatric coming-of-age story …</strong></p> <p>Retired expat, <strong>Tony Metcalfe</strong>, is going through a three-quarter-life crisis. Viva España, his bar in a mountain village beyond Spain’s Costa Blanca, is failing. Tony ...

ISBN: 9780715653395

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Story and Character

Interviews With British Screenwriters pbk

by Alistair Owen

<p>Conversations with the writers of, among other films, RESTORATION; BILLY ELLIOT; BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY; WELCOME TO SARAJEVO; CAPTAIN CORELLI'S MANDOLIN; THE FULL MONTY Talking about their work at home and in Hollywood, some giving in-depth ...

ISBN: 9781408880661

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Strictly Ballroom

Tales from the Dancefloor

by Diana Melly

<p><strong>At the age of 76, Diana Melly took up ballroom dancing</strong></p> <p>She was suffering from bereavement, having recently lost her husband George to dementia, and was told that dancing might help. It has done much more than that, ...

ISBN: 9781780722559

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Studies In Expressive Movement

by Gordon W. Allport

<p>Investigations of personality may be focused upon any one of three different levels of phenomena. The first is the level of traits, interests, attitudes, or sentiments considered as composing an “inner” personality; the second is the level of

ISBN: 9781473350779

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Talking Dance: Contemporary Histories from the South China Sea

by Ralph Buck, Nicholas Rowe & Toni Shapiro-Phim

<p>The South China Sea has a rich and turbulent history. Today territorial disputes in the region - including China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia - make it potentially one of the most dangerous points of conflict in Asia and ...

ISBN: 9780857729484

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by Molière, Anil Gupta & Richard Pinto

<p><strong>A brand-new version of Molière’s provocative French classic, relocated to present-day Birmingham’s Pakistani Muslim community.</strong></p> <p>The well-off Pervaiz household, living in modern Birmingham, are in uproar. Dad, Imran, ...

ISBN: 9781786826398

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Technology and the Diva

Sopranos, Opera, and Media from Romanticism to the Digital Age

by Karen Henson

<p>In Technology and the Diva, Karen Henson brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars to explore the neglected subject of opera and technology. Their essays focus on the operatic soprano and her relationships with technology from ...

ISBN: 9781316760178

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The Agile Executive

Embracing Career Risks and Rewards

by Marianne Broadbent

<p>Marianne Broadbent is a leadership and executive search consultant who works every day with women and men making career decisions and life choices. Her multiple careers, from high school teacher to global business executive, have been ...

ISBN: 9781925556391

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The Aging Body in Dance

A cross-cultural perspective

by Nanako Nakajima & Gabriele Brandstetter

<p>What does it mean to be able to move?</p> <p><em>The Aging Body in Dance</em> brings together leading scholars and artists from a range of backgrounds to investigate cultural ideas of movement and beauty, expressiveness and ...

ISBN: 9781315515311

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The Art Of Movement

by Ken Browar

ISBN: 9780316318587

Binding: Hardback


The Art of Public Space

Curating and Re-imagining the Ephemeral City

by Kim Gurney

<p>A journey through Johannesburg via three art projects raises intriguing notions about the constitutive relationship between the city, imagination and the public sphere- through walking, gaming and performance art. Amid prevailing economic ...

ISBN: 9781137436900

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The Ballets Russes and Beyond

Music and Dance in Belle-Époque Paris

by Davinia Caddy

<p>Belle-époque Paris witnessed the emergence of a vibrant and diverse dance scene, one that crystallized around the Ballets Russes, the Russian dance company formed by impresario Sergey Diaghilev. The company has long served as a convenient ...

ISBN: 9781139366106

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The Bloomsbury Companion to Dance Studies

by Sherril Dodds

<p>The <em>Bloomsbury Companion to Dance Studies</em> brings together leading international dance scholars in this single collection to provide a vivid picture of the state of contemporary dance research. The book commences with an introduction ...

ISBN: 9781350024472

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