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by Stephen Banham

ISBN: 9780500501184

Binding: Paperback


Characters:Cultural Stories Revealed through Typography

Cultural Stories Revealed through Typography

by Stephen Banham

ISBN: 9780500500262

Binding: Hardback


Children's Picturebooks:The Art of Visual Storytelling

The Art of Visual Storytelling

by Martin Salisbury

ISBN: 9781856697385

Binding: Paperback


Christian Dior

by Oriole Cullen

Capturing the highlights of the major Victoria and Albert Museum exhibition, Christian Dior- Designer of Dreams, this stunning souvenir celebrates the House of Dior from its foundation in 1947 to the present day. Haute-couture gowns by Christian

ISBN: 9781851779901

Binding: Hardback


City Shapers London: The Creative People Shaping the City


"There's a strong belief, now more than ever, that creativity really has the potential to change the world, and that only innovative thinking can tackle some of the world's biggest challenges." - Senta Slingerland London is a free haven for ...

ISBN: 9789401454315

Binding: Hardback


Claris: The Chicest Mouse in Paris

by Megan Hess

<DIV><B>A delightful rhyming tale about courage, compassion and a stylish little mouse, from acclaimed fashion illustrator Megan Hess.&#160;</B><BR /><I>Claris: The Chicest Mouse in Paris</I>&#160;follows an adorable mouse who dreams of moving ...

ISBN: 9781760502591

Binding: Hardback


Clothing and Landscape in Victorian England

Working-Class Dress and Rural Life

by Rachel Worth

<p>At the beginning of the Victorian period, most of England's population lived in the countryside; by its end, the balance had tipped towards living in urban and suburban spaces. In the context of this rapidly changing world, Rachel Worth ...

ISBN: 9781786723451

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Co Lab:Collaborative Design Survey

Collaborative Design Survey

by Elizabeth Herrmann

ISBN: 9789063693732

Binding: Paperback


Coastal Cottage

by Ann Zimmerman

Decidedly not your grandparents' beach cottage . . . The Coastal Cottage will usher you into summer with its quintessential exteriors and sunbathed interiors. Ann and Scot Zimmerman take the reader on tours of fourteen cottage homes along ...

ISBN: 9781423644125

Binding: Hardback


Coco Chanel

The Queen of Haute Couture


<p><strong>Keen to learn but short on time? Get to grips with the life and career of Coco Chanel in next to no time with this concise guide.</strong></p> <p>50Minutes.com provides a clear and engaging analysis of the work of the iconic French ...

ISBN: 9782808002561

Binding: Kobo eBook

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by Elizabeth Semmelhack

<P>The ubiquitous sneaker is the canvas upon which so many defiers of convention &ndash; artists, musicians, athletes, and celebrities &ndash; have sought to make their mark and through the sneaker contribute to a unique identity and attitude ...

ISBN: 9780847865789

Binding: Hardback


Collaboration and Student Engagement in Design Education

by Richard Tucker

In order for educational systems not to become stagnant, teaching strategies must be routinely re-evaluated. Not only does this optimize the learning process, but it enhances the overall experience for the students. Collaboration and Student ...

ISBN: 9781522507284

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Collaboration Through Craft

by Amanda Ravetz, Alice Kettle & Helen Felcey

<p>Offering a challenging new argument for the collaborative power of craft, this ground-breaking volume analyses the philosophies, politics and practicalities of collaborative craft work.</p> <p>The book is accessibly organised into four ...

ISBN: 9781350007123

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Collectable Names and Designs in Women's Shoes

by Tracy Martin

<p>Full with innovative, sculptural and outrageous footwear this book celebrates all shoes from the pump to the platform and the court shoe to the stiletto.</p> <p>Shoes are no longer regarded just for their practical purpose of protecting the ...

ISBN: 9781526709301

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Collected:Living with the Things You Love

Living with the Things You Love

by Fritz Karsh

ISBN: 9781419713958

Binding: Hardback


Color Design Workbook, Revised Edition

A Real World Guide to Using Color in Graphic Design

by Sean Adams

From the meanings behind colours to working with colour in presentations,<i> Color Design Workbook</i> provides readers with the vital information needed to apply colour creatively and effectively to design work. ...

ISBN: 9781631592928

Binding: Paperback


Color Inspirations


ISBN: 9781600619458

Binding: Paperback


Colors in Fashion

by Mary Westerman Bulgarella & Professor Jonathan Faiers

<p>Color speaks a powerful cultural language, conveying political, sexual, and economic messages that, throughout history, have revealed how we relate to ourselves and our world. This ground-breaking compilation is the first to investigate how ...

ISBN: 9781474273718

Binding: Kobo eBook



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by Marion Deuchars

<p>What makes a colour work? What do colours mean to artists or cultures? Why does grey make a colour stand out? What colour are the oceans? Why is the yellow of lemons something to treasure?</p> <p>Award-winning illustrator Marion Deuchars ...

ISBN: 9780141983363

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Colour: A Workshop For Artists and Designers:Second edition

Second edition

by David Hornung

ISBN: 9781856698771

Binding: Paperback