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My Even More Wonderful World of Fashion:Another Book for Drawing,

"Another Book for Drawing, Creating and Dreaming"

by Nina Chakrabarti

ISBN: 9781856697606

Binding: Paperback


Naoto Fukasawa

by Naoto Fukasawa

ISBN: 9780714866031

Binding: Paperback


Naoto Fukasawa

by Naoto Fukasawa

ISBN: 9780714845869

Binding: Hardback


Nat Turner

by kyle Baker

ISBN: 9780810972278

Binding: Paperback



by nendo

ISBN: 9780714878133

Binding: Hardback


Never Leave the House Naked:And 50 Other Ridiculous Fashion Rules

And 50 Other Ridiculous Fashion Rules

by Anneloes van Gaalen

ISBN: 9789063692148

Binding: Hardback


Never Use White Type on a Black Background:And 50 Other Ridiculou

And 50 Other Ridiculous Design Rules

by Anneloes van Gaalen

ISBN: 9789063692070

Binding: Hardback


New Icons of Fashion Illustration

by Tony Glenville

ISBN: 9781780671048

Binding: Hardback


New Media Design

by Tricia Austin

ISBN: 9781856694315

Binding: Paperback


New Mythologies in Design and Culture

Reading Signs and Symbols in the Visual Landscape

by Rebecca Houze

<p>Taking as its point of departure Roland Barthes' classic series of essays, <em>Mythologies,</em> Rebecca Houze presents an exploration of signs and symbols in the visual landscape of postmodernity. In nine chapters Houze considers a range of ...

ISBN: 9781472518491

Binding: Kobo eBook



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New Technologies

Products from Phaidon Design Classics

by Phaidon Editors

ISBN: 9780714856674

Binding: Hardback


New York

Through a Fashion Eye

by Megan Hess

<DIV><B>New York: Through a Fashion Eye</B>&#160;is an illustrated guide to one of the world&#39;s most-loved fashion cities by one of the world&#39;s most-loved fashion illustrators.<BR /> &#160;<BR /> Let Megan Hess take you on an adventure ...

ISBN: 9781743791714

Binding: Hardback


Next Nature

by Mieke Gerritzen

ISBN: 9789063690939

Binding: Paperback


Niche Fashion Magazines

Changing the Shape of Fashion

by Ane Lynge-Jorlen

<p>Niche fashion magazines speak to a highly fashion-literate, global readership; they mix the codes of style magazines, glossy women's magazines and art catalogues. They are often produced and read by people engaged in the business of creating ...

ISBN: 9781786721792

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Nike SB: The Dunk Book

by Jesse Leyva

Created in 2002, the Nike Dunk was adopted from the court by skateboarders and sneakerheads to become an icon of the streets. An early catalyst to evolving sneaker culture as we know it today, the Nike Dunk has enjoyed a storied legacy of ...

ISBN: 9780847866694

Binding: Hardback


No More Rules:Graphic Design and Postmodernism

Graphic Design and Postmodernism - Mini edition

by Rick Poyner

ISBN: 9781780671031

Binding: Paperback


No Patterns Needed:DIY Couture from Simple Shapes

DIY Couture from Simple Shapes

by Rosie Martin

ISBN: 9781780678283

Binding: Paperback


Noongar Mambara Bakitj

by Kim Scott

<i>Noongar Mambara Bakitj</i> was created as part of an Indigenous language recovery project led by Kim Scott and the Wirlomin Noongar Language and Stories Project. Inspired by a creation story told to the American linguist Gerhardt Laves at ...

ISBN: 9781742582955

Binding: Paperback



An old story retold

by Kim Scott

<p>This story comes from the wise and ancient language of the First People of the Western Australian south coast. <i>Noorn</i> is a story of alliances between humans and other living creatures, in this case a snake. It tells of how protective ...

ISBN: 9781742589664

Binding: Paperback



Master of American Fashion

by Jeffrey Banks

<DIV><P>The first book dedicated to the career and creations of esteemed fashion designer Norman Norell (1900-1972), the man hailed as the &quot;Dean of American Fashion&quot; by <I>The New York Times.</I> The book&#39;s release coincides with ...

ISBN: 9780847861248

Binding: Hardback