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Iconic: The Masters of Italian Fashion

by Megan Hess

<DIV><P>For centuries, Italian fashion has been known for its craftsmanship and luxury, but also for its creativity and, most of all, its passion. Lace, leopard print and show-stopping red dresses &ndash; the masters of Italian fashion know how ...

ISBN: 9781743794371

Binding: Hardback


Icons of Women's Style

An Introduction

by Robert Holden

ISBN: 9781780672717

Binding: Paperback


Idea Searching for Design

How to Research and Develop Design Concepts

by Mr David Bramston & Ms YeLi

<p>The second edition of <em>Idea Searching</em> examines methods of generating and identifying ideas, and teaches you to understand what is being observed and recorded. Using lavish illustrations, concise case studies and practical examples, it

ISBN: 9781350033900

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Identity Designed

The Definitive Guide to Visual Branding

by David Airey

Identity Designed is an essential reference on brand identity design, including examples from todays top designers. ...

ISBN: 9781631595943

Binding: Hardback



A Theoretical and Contextual Perspective

by Professor Alan Male

<p>Illustration practice is not judged purely by visual literacy and technical qualities, but also requires intellectual engagement with its subject matter. <em>Illustration: A Theoretical &amp; Contextual Perspective,</em> 2nd Edition examines ...

ISBN: 9781474263030

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Illustration Idea Book, The:Inspiration from 50 Masters

Inspiration from 50 Masters

by Heller Steven

ISBN: 9781786273253

Binding: Paperback


Illustration Now! Fashion

by Julius Wiedemann

Every dress begins with a drawing, every skirt with a sketch. Illustration is integral to fashion design not only as a means of expression, and the starting point of every design, but also for patterns and prints as well as magazine editorial ...

ISBN: 9783836545204

Binding: Hardback


In the Mood for Cheongsam

by Lee Chor Lin

ISBN: 9789814260923

Binding: Hardback


In-Between: Architectural Drawing and Imaginative Knowledge in Islamic and Western Traditions

by Assoc Prof Hooman Koliji & Dr Eamonn Canniffe

<p>Contemporary technical architectural drawings, in establishing a direct relationship between the drawing and its object, tend to privilege the visible physical world at the expense of the invisible intangible ideas and concepts, including ...

ISBN: 9781472438706

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Cultivate, dye, create

by Douglas Luhanko & Kerstin Neumüller

<p>Discover indigo; one of the most mystical yet widely used dyes in the world. Featuring inspirational images and presented with a luxurious exposed and patterned spine, this book shows you how to grow, extract and dye with ...

ISBN: 9781911624547

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Industrial Facility

by Sam Hecht

ISBN: 9780714875798

Binding: Hardback


Inferno:Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen

by Baker

ISBN: 9781780675572

Binding: Hardback



by Martin and Simo Toseland

ISBN: 9781780877570

Binding: Paperback



The World as You Have Never Seen it Before

by Martin Toseland & Simon Toseland

<p>Ever wanted to see the world in a new way?</p> <p>Infographica collects intriguing data from across our planet - including facial hair styles of famous dictators, the countries with the most McDonald's restaurants and the world's most ...

ISBN: 9781780877587

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Information Design

Research and Practice

by Alison Black, Paul Luna, Ole Lund & others

<p><em>Information Design</em> provides citizens, business and government with a means of presenting and interacting with complex information. It embraces applications from wayfinding and map reading to forms design; from website and screen ...

ISBN: 9781317125280

Binding: Kobo eBook



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Inside Haute Couture:Behind the Scenes at the Paris Ateliers

Behind the Scenes at the Paris Ateliers

by Desiree Sadek

ISBN: 9781419720208

Binding: Hardback


Interaction Design

From Concept to Completion

by Jamie Steane & Joyce Yee

<p><em>Interaction Design</em> explores common pitfalls, effective workflows and innovative development techniques in contemporary interaction design by tracking projects from initial idea to the critical and commercial reception of the finished

ISBN: 9781474236362

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International Colloquium of Art and Design Education Research (i-CADER 2014)

by Oskar Hasdinor Hassan, Shahriman Zainal Abidin, Rafeah Legino & others

<p>This book focuses on Art and Design Education Research. Gathering 72 papers illustrated with diagrams and tables, they provide state-of-the-art information on infrastructure and sustainable issues in Art and Design, focusing on Design ...

ISBN: 9789812873323

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International Design Yearbook 2007, The

by No Author Provided

ISBN: 9781856695169

Binding: Hardback


International Football Kits (True Colours)

The Illustrated Guide

by John Devlin

<p><strong><em>International Football Kits (True Colours)</em> charts the evolving football strip design of the world's leading national football teams, from 1966 to the present day.</strong></p> <p>Guaranteed to bring back memories of your ...

ISBN: 9781472956279

Binding: Kobo eBook



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