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100 Ideas that Changed the Web

by Jim Boulton

ISBN: 9781780673707

Binding: Paperback


200+ Ways to Protect Your Privacy: Simple Ways to Prevent Hacks and Protect Your Privacy--On and Offline

by Jeni Rogers

Discover simple strategies for protecting your personal and confidential information on and offline with this essential and easy-to-understand guide. We all know that the internet can serve as a hotbed for identity theft. But it isn't the only ...

ISBN: 9781721400126

Binding: Paperback


Business Driven Info Systems 6E

by Baltzan

ISBN: 9781260092929

Binding: Paperback


Business Driven Information Systems

by Baltzan

ISBN: 9780073402987

Binding: Paperback


Business Driven Technology

by Baltzan

ISBN: 9781259567322

Binding: Hardback


Chomping At The Bitcoin: The Past, Present And Future Of Bitcoin In China: Penguin Specials

by Zennon Kapron

In May 2013, China's main state-run broadcaster aired a documentary about a little known virtual currency called Bitcoin. Over the next six months, the value of Bitcoin rocketed as Chinese money poured in. Unfortunately for many latecomers, the ...

ISBN: 9780734310538

Binding: Paperback



by Clive Thompson

<b><i>Hello, world.</i></b> Facebook's algorithms shaping the news. Self-driving cars roaming the streets. Revolution on Twitter and romance on Tinder. We live in a world constructed of code--and coders are the ones who built it for us. From ...

ISBN: 9781529018998

Binding: Paperback


Consent of the Networked

The Worldwide Struggle For Internet Freedom

by Rebecca MacKinnon

ISBN: 9780465063758

Binding: Paperback


Corporate Information Strategy N Mgmt 8E

by Lynda Applegate

ISBN: 9780071263191

Binding: Paperback


Cult of the Dead Cow

How the Original Hacking Supergroup Might Just Save the World

by Joseph Menn

ISBN: 9781541724426

Binding: Paperback


Cybersecurity and Cyberwar

What Everyone Needs to Know

by P.W. Singer

ISBN: 9780199918096

Binding: Hardback


Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War

by Fred Kaplan

&#8220;A consistently eye-opening history...not just a page-turner but consistently surprising.&#8221; -The New York Times &#8220;A book that grips, informs, and alarms, finely researched and lucidly related.&#8221; -John le Carr&#233; As ...

ISBN: 9781501140839

Binding: Paperback


Digital Shift

The Cultural Logic of Punctuation

by Jeff Scheible

<p>Emoticons matter. Equal signs do, too. This book takes them seriously and shows <i>how</i> and <i>why</i> they matter. <i>Digital Shift</i> explores the increasingly ubiquitous presence of punctuation and typographical marks in our ...

ISBN: 9780816695744

Binding: Paperback


ERP: The Implementation Cycle

by Stephen Allan Harwood

<P>The ERP Implementation cycle is characterized by complexity, uncertainty and a long timescale. It is about people and issues that affect the business ? it is a multi-disciplinary effort.</P> <P>This book will provide you with the practical ...

ISBN: 9781138139374

Binding: Hardback


Foundation of Digital Electronics and Logic Design

by Subir Kumar Sarkar

<P>This book focuses on the basic principles of digital electronics and logic design. It is&nbsp;designed as a textbook for undergraduate students of electronics, electrical engineering, computer science, physics, and information technology. The

ISBN: 9789814364584

Binding: Hardback


Get Coding!: Learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript & build a website, app & game

by Young Rewired State

<p><b>Learn how to write code and then build your own website, app and game using HTML, CSS and JavaScript in this essential coding guide for kids from expert organization Young Rewired State.</b></p><p>Learn how to write code and then build ...

ISBN: 9781406366846

Binding: Paperback


Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Insights into GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Compass and Others

by Basudeb Bhatta

<UL> <LI> <P>Includes detailed information on GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Compass, and other regional and augmented systems</P></LI> <LI> <P>Sheds light on the latest developments and modern trends of GNSS</P></LI> <LI> <P>Offers practical guidance ...

ISBN: 9780415665605

Binding: Hardback


Internet of Things (IoT)

Systems and Applications

by Jamil Y. Khan

<P>With the advancement of computing, electronics, embedded computing, and sensor technologies, the<EM> Internet of Things (IoT)</EM> systems are becoming an important technology for the future information and communication technology (ICT) ...

ISBN: 9789814800297

Binding: Hardback


M: Information Systems

by Baltzan

ISBN: 9781259814297

Binding: Paperback


Management Information Systems

by James O'Brien

ISBN: 9780073376813

Binding: Hardback