Entrepreneurial Strengthsfinder

by Perseus

A tool to help mentors, coaches, investors, and entrepreneurs find, engage, and develop the unsung heroes of the global economy. Who has the most innate talent for building and sustaining a business? How can we find these people who are so ...

ISBN: 9781595620828

Binding: Hardback


Company Accounting 10E

by Ken Leo, Jeffrey Knapp, Susan McGowan & others

ISBN: 9781118608173

Binding: Paperback / softback


Global Imperialism and the Great Crisis

by Ernesto Screpanti

ISBN: 9781583674475

Binding: Paperback


Guerrilla Marketing in 30 Days

by Perseus

Updated with fresh examples, the latest techniques and trends, new success stories, and fresh, practical marketing habits for today's aspiring guerrillas, this new edition provides marketers with the latest guerrilla marketing tools and tactics.

ISBN: 9781599185316

Binding: Paperback


Owner's Guide to a Small Business Website What you need and how to get there - without paying the earth

by Lisa Spann

This straightforward, jargon-free book is the answer for all small business owners, from one person concerns upwards. It will tell you all you need to know about your website, whether you are designing and building it yourself or employing a web ...

ISBN: 9781845285210

Binding: Paperback


Property Investing for Dummies, Second Australian Edition

by Bruce Brammall, Eric Tyson & Robert S. Griswold

Are you thinking about real estate as a long-term wealth opportunity? Whether you’re interested in a house, apartment, vacant land or commercial property, the second Australian edition of Property Investing For Dummies explains what you ...

ISBN: 9781118396704

Binding: Paperback


Talent Selection and Onboarding PCKET TKIT

by Lamont/ Bruce

ISBN: 9780071834902

Binding: Paperback / softback


Capitalism: Should You Buy It?: An Invitation to Political Economy

by Paradigm Publishers

ISBN: 9781612056890

Binding: Paperback


Idiot's Guides: Economics

by Dorling Kindersley

A simple guide to understanding economicsIf you are baffled by continuing debates about inflation, unemployment or tax systems then Idiot's Guides: Economics is the book for you.The power of economics to affect everyone's lives has become ...

ISBN: 9781615645022

Binding: Paperback


Thinkers 50: Business Thought Leaders from India: The Best Ideas on Innovation, Management, Strategy, and Leadership

by Stuart Crainer & Des Dearlove

ISBN: 9780071827560

Binding: Paperback / softback


Visual Strategy

Strategy Mapping in Public and Nonprofit Organizations

by John M. Bryson, Colin Eden & Fran Ackermann

Strategic planning becomes visual with strategy maps and the tools, techniques, and guidance for turning them into effective action. Developed as a companion workbook to John Bryson's best-selling Strategic Planning in Public and Nonprofit ...

ISBN: 9781118605929

Binding: Paperback / softback


Executive Presence: The Missing Link Between Merit and Success

by HarperCollins Publishers

Are you leadership material? More importantly, do others perceive you to be? Sylvia Ann Hewlett, a noted expert on workplace power and influence, shows you how to identify and embody the Executive Presence (EP) that you need to succeed.

ISBN: 9780062246899

Binding: Hardback


Pbb; Quantitative Methods

by Oakshott L.

ISBN: 9781137340856

Binding: Paperback


Facility Management Handbook

by Kathy O. Roper & Richard P. Payant

ISBN: 9780814432150

Binding: Hardback


Papc; Myth-Busting China's Numbers

by Crabbe M.

ISBN: 9781137353191

Binding: Paperback / softback


Talent Assessment and Development Pocket

by Hampel/ Bruce

ISBN: 9780071840446

Binding: Paperback / softback


Family Trusts

A Plain English Guide for Australian Families of Average Means 5E

by Nick Renton

Demystify family trust planning with this easy-to-read guide Family trusts can be quite complex and difficult to set up correctly, and many people don't realise just how beneficial a trust can be. Even for families of average income, trusts ...

ISBN: 9780730310334

Binding: Paperback / softback


Golden Rules of Wealth

by Noel Whittaker

ISBN: 9780731806522

Binding: Paperback


Accounting 9E Binder Ready Version

by Hoggett

ISBN: 9781118608234

Binding: Loose-leaf


Great Answers, Great Questions For Your Job Interview, 2nd Edition

by Block/ Betrus

ISBN: 9780071837743

Binding: Paperback / softback