ikioo® 21st Century Medicine

Artificial Intelligence for Health Professionals
by MD Ayman Salem
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Publisher: Ayman Salem

Publication Date: February 06, 2017

ISBN: 9780997509625

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ikioo® 21st Century Medicine: Artificial Intelligence for Health Professionals

It’s no surprise that the US healthcare system needs drastic reform. Aging population demographics, increases in chronic disease prevalence, and advances in costly technologies contribute greatly to staggering healthcare spending. A fragmented, inefficient system fraught with poorly structured incentives further contributes to the problem. All the while, pressures exist to move away from volume-based care to value-based care. Change is on the horizon.

This book offers a detailed perspective into today’s healthcare system. In addition to historical perspectives and recent developments, this book provides in-depth details concerning the need for more personalized, nuanced patient care. Likewise, on-the-go, on-demand, and away-from-hospital care will be increasingly important as consumers become increasingly engaged. Physicians are the ideal champions of these changes and should be central in determining which solutions are best.

The use of artificial intelligence and expert machine learning systems offer great potential in achieving twenty-first-century healthcare goals. The ikioo Health Monitoring and Management system represents one effective solution to expand value-based care into any environment. By demonstrating this platform’s features, insights into effective healthcare solutions can be better appreciated. And through physician leadership, optimal healthcare reform solutions can be realized.