Your Home, Your ATM Machine= An Expert's Guide To A Successful Airbnb / GuestHouse Business Raking in Six Figures.

by Gertrude Okore

Publisher: Gertrude Okore

Publication Date: May 28, 2019

ISBN: 9781393641292

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Do you have a home? Is it lying around gathering dust and costing you lots of repair money? Are you worried you may have to sell your house next month, year? 

You have heard successful Airbnb hosts boasting of how they make a passive income. You don't know how to tap into the Airbnb market because you're scared. 

Airbnb is saturated and you're a latecomer. Or you're simply not making an income as Airbnb was hyped about. 

Let's correct this with the expert's guide to Airbnb / Guesthouse business. 

Let me help you create an income to repair your house and more. 

I have created a quick Airbnb mini-course for hosts of all levels. I have created an in-depth course too for hosts of all levels. 

You're going to learn what Airbnb requires for you to not only reach that super host level you covet. But also to ''sell-out'' of Airbnb. 

I'm going to teach you the mistakes you're making. And I'm going to hold your hand as you walk to six-figures. 

I'm going to open your eyes to what the hospitality industry is all about and why Airbnb is more than guest hosting. 

This e-Book offsets for you what's to come in the courses. You're buying a guide which will get updated with hospitality industry info.

You're buying a guide by not only an experienced Airbnb host but a customer service consultant. 

Did you know most Airbnb businesses fail due to lack of careful customer service satisfaction? 

Most hosts don't think of including experiences as part of their customer service provision. 

I want you to ride above side-hustle to a full-time income. 

You're also buying into a host who has worked in five-star hotels to budget hotels and therefore knows the ins and outs of the hospitality industry. 

You're buying into an e-Book with a personal guide. 

You're not buying an ebook but an experience. 

I will hold your hands and help you move from the ground ...