Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Eldercare Book

15 Key Steps on How to Keep Your Elderly Parent At Home – Safe & Comfortable
by John S. Smith Jr. RN

Publisher: S & P Productions

Publication Date: May 03, 2017

ISBN: 1230001666007

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Caring Caregiver Book for Families Help the one you love stay in their own home - by Applying 15 Key Steps for Keeping Your Elderly Parent at Home – Safely & Comfortably. Every caring child wants to keep their elderly parent healthy, comfortable and vibrant in their own home. They want to share memories of the past, respect their parents’ wishes and add meaningful life to the end of life.

In this revolutionary Itty Bitty Book, John S. Smith, Jr. walks you through the steps and techniques for keeping your parents healthy and active at a time when they are slowing down. Following these steps will help you prepare for challenges related to the aging process. It will serve as a companion through assuring that they have the paperwork needed to make sure their wishes are known and will be fulfilled. For example: Document to have on hand in anticipation for unexpected situations. Encouraging self-care, keeping your parent active and involved in their care in the event if you are far away from home. Resources available to pay for long term care at home. Pick up a copy of this powerful book today and experience the joys and rewards of caring for your elderly parent right in their own home.