You're Tearing Us Apart

Twenty Ways We Wreck Our Relationships and Strategies to Repair Them
by Pat Ed.D., Kathleen McFadden & Eva Berlander
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Publisher: Health Communications, Inc.

Publication Date: October 13, 2015

ISBN: 9780757318634

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No one argues with the fact that relationships in the 21st century are complicated. One recent study found that couples spend only 35 minutes per week in intimate conversation; the rest of the time they rely on electronic contact and notes. To keep a relationship from hitting "esc" or worse, "delete," this fast-paced life calls for fast-paced strategies, and this book is full of them!

Many broken relationships not only can be mended, but they can actually be magnificent. You're Tearing Us Apart follows a simple, get-to-the- point formula for each chapter. First, a narrative describes what it's like living with someone who is practicing relationship-threatening behaviors. Next, the psychology behind the behavior is explained, followed by a succinct account of why this particular behavior threatens relationships. Finally, the best strategies for transformation are spelled out, covering such a wide range of options most any couple can easily comply. These four sections validate the experience of both partners, offer concrete reasons why change is necessary and then present a selection of strategies to move forward.