"Yes" or "No" A Revolt Against Yourself

by Deepshikha Gupta
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Publisher: Partridge Publishing India

Publication Date: June 27, 2015

ISBN: 9781482844993

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DECISIONS DECIDE DESTINY…. YOU ARE WHAT YOU CHOOSE….. “YES” Or “NO”…. A JOURNEY FROM “ORDINARY” TO “EXTRAORDINARY”….. “YES” Or “NO”- A Revolt Against Yourself....here begins a battle, an eternal war against your soul, your very own conscience and wisdom grieving for a positive transformation changing your life forever. “Yes” or “no”, a revolt against yourself is a search for a more meaningful life. Decisions decide destiny. You are what you choose. A single “yes” or “no” of yours have the power to create a dent in the world. A right decision at right time can turn your life into a miraculous one illuminating it with endless lights of happiness, joy, peace and pleasure. Life is a beautiful gift from God. Therefore, take life simply and just chill. Answer all the complexities of life in simple “yes” or “no. Once you master the technique of positively responding to the situations you can turn your life from an “ordinary” to an “extra-ordinary” one. So are you ready to tint your life with that “extraordinary” magic factor? “Yes” or “no”? If “yes”, then hold this book tight. And get ready for an exciting transformation in your life taking you to the top of the world bringing endless happiness, glory, success and recognition you waited for so long. You can know more about Deepshikha by visiting www.authordeepshikha.com.