Yes, You Belong To Me

by Amanda Jones

Publisher: Amanda Jones

Publication Date: February 16, 2016

ISBN: 9781311140500

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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December. Sisters Anna and Sarah arrived at their friend’s to celebrate the holidays and meet the magic of the city which ‘ never sleeps ‘ .
Is that why they are convicted to the brutality of a sneaky man of chivalrous manners?

On the other side of the city a famous actor, Thomas Adams, finds out his daughter sold her virginity. Out of caprice.
If we respond to a tragedy by love, is it then a tragedy?
Lead by the fury, after some tough situations in his life, Thomas shall do something that will utterly change his life.
Do we, after tough situations in life, feel completely hopeless or we always find- in someone or something- a new purpose?
Enchanting story of two, seemingly, different but very similar people who meet in desperate circumstances and through unusual situations.
Unusually exciting, this book will provoke you to think about those little things we neglect. Is anything in this world an absolute coincidence? True love in a wrong time? Wrong love in a true time?
Maybe we are not aware of how much we are wrong regarding what we consider not to be right. Maybe, I life, everything is right. Place. Time. People.
The book about a brave, decisive girl who moves the limits of her own endurance; a story of the girl that made mistakes but brought right decisions. A story of the pain, love and other strong emotions.