Workplace Conflict and the Impact of Gender

by S Van Spronsen

Publisher: S Van Spronsen

Publication Date: May 14, 2015

ISBN: 9781311508089

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Workplace Conflict and the Impact of Gender is a researched approach, examination and measurement to the female and male affective responses to situations of resolved and unresolved conflict in the workplace. The research results contribute to the growing body of literature that suggests that gender does play a role in the differing ways that men and women react emotionally to conflict in the workplace. Understanding of the role that gender differences play in both resolved and unresolved conflict could also yield more individualized, gender-specific, and effective resolution methods and alternatives. This is particularly important, as related by Gwartney-Gibbs and Lach (1994), because of the link between and negative impact unresolved conflict situations potentially have on women’s achievements, advancements, and opportunities in the workplace.