Why Can't You Stay Organized?

18 Tips for Decluttering and Staying Organized
by Susan Caplan McCarthy

Publisher: SRCM Books

Publication Date: July 04, 2018

ISBN: 1230002405391

Binding: Kobo eBook

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Before you even open this book, you’d already figured out that decluttering and organizing require regular maintenance so that you can stay clutter-free and organized.

While 18 tips may seem like a lot to process, many of them overlap and are complementary actions. For example, when you give everything a home, you can keep similar items together – and add labels, where appropriate, so that you can put away what you take out with ease (in under two-minutes!).

The goal for all these activities isn’t to be neat and organized but to save you time (and some money) while giving you peace of mind. If you are no longer visually assaulted by piles of clutter, you will feel calmer. Your days will be less hectic because you won’t be running around your house trying to locate something that you need and know that you own. Cleaning takes less time because you can focus on getting rid of dirt without worrying about stuff being in your way.

You don’t have to live in unadorned spaces with the personality of a hotel room. You decide what is important to you. And, even better, you show how these items are important to your life by giving them space to make your days easier as well as to beautify and inspire your life.

Organizing isn’t a result but a process to make your days better than they were before.
1.Notice where there is a problem
2.Control you space; don’t let your space control you
3.Get everyone on board
4.Put away what you take out
5.How many do you need?
6.Create a one-in/one-out rule
7.Give just-in-case items a purpose – or, toss them
8.Go on a shopping ban
9.Give everything a home
10.Keep similar items together
11.Label things so there’s no confusion about where to put items
12.Ask, when will I use this?
13.Avoid stacking stuff on top of other stuff
14.Follow the two-minute rule
15.Do a ten-minute tidy-up once a day