Why Atheism

by Ram Bansal

Publisher: Ram Bansal

Series: Psychology

Publication Date: May 14, 2015

ISBN: 9781311793478

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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The book contains 28 articles arranged in a logical order of reaching the message of Atheism to readers in an easy-to-understand way.
Being an Outsider in own Home

Section A : Faith - The Killer of Intellectualism
A1 : How Humans can be without Intellect
A2 : The Virus of God through Religions
A3 : The most Devastating Deceit in Human History
A4 : Intellectualism and Faith
A5 : Science is the Answer to Ignorance
A6 : Conflict of Belief through Reason or Faith
A7 : Conflict of Individualism and Socialism

Section B : Relegation of Humanity through Religions
B1 : Real and Fake Dharma
B2 : Falsehoods of Religions
B3 : Science and Religion
B4 : Probing the Concept of God
B5 : Convergence of Thoughts and Religions
B6 : Gifts from Religions to Indian Psyche

Section C : Business of Fake Spirituality
C1 : Spiritualism is Conscious Living
C2 : Six States of Mind with respect to Consciousness (Chetana)
C3 : Misconception and Paradox of Soul
C4 : Spirituality in Practice
C5 : Trickery of Super-consciousness
C6 : Question of Life and Death

Section D : Atheism as the Spirit of Humanism
D1 : Theism is Cultural Degradation of Humanity
D2 : Absolutism and Genesis of Atheism
D3 : Atheism, Rationality and Religions
D4 : Atheism as Fundamental to Humanism
D5 : Psychological Aspect of Atheism
D6 : Atheism in Practice
D7 : Evolutionary Biology of Charles Darwin supports Atheism
D8 : Atheistic View of Death