Who Is Watching While They Pray?



Publication Date: May 10, 2015

ISBN: 9780989350006

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Who Is Watching While They Pray? is a book written to drill down into the "Real" role of todays Executive Protection Officer (EPO)and Church Security Specialists. It does not matter what you call it;the basic guidelines are the same. Real stories will help the reader identify with the thought processes used to make split second life or death decisions. Walk through the methodology with us as we take you through learning what is most important to your Principal and guiding you through what they pay you to do. It also addresses the Unidentified Subject(Un Sub) who is "Preying" while we watch. A traumatic incident will only get worse if you are unprepared. You can not make risk disappear, but you can manage them by preparing for them. Train and retrain your team regularly. While you are thinking of ways to thwart the criminal, they are working on new ways around your methods. To whom much is given, much is required. This book, Who is Watching While They Pray? will assist the reader in fulfilling their requirement professionally, knowledgeably and effectively. We are the Watchmen on the Wall. When we fail, many lives are affected. When we succeed, we often go unnoticed. You know, I know and God knows...we make the difference. We Get It Done!