When a Cowgirl Goes to Sea

A Memoir of Loss, Courage and Circumnavigation
by Kaci Cronkhite
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Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Publication Date: August 22, 2019

ISBN: 9781472958648

Binding: Kobo eBook

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How does a ranch girl from Oklahoma wind up in her mid-30s on the deck of a pitching sailboat in the Tasman Sea, singlehanding in the Indian Ocean, and completing a circumnavigation by the time she's 40? When a Cowgirl Goes to Sea tells the story of Kaci Cronkhite's passage from saddling horses as a pre-teen, to her first glimpse of the ocean at 21, a first sail at 31, followed by a six-year circumnavigation. Cronkhite's trajectory to the ocean includes experiences with influential sailors in her life, many of them women who have dared-and continue to dare-the ocean. Cronkhite's love of sailing is intimately linked to her early love of horses, which she poetically explains in When a Cowgirl Goes to Sea.