When Grief Is Complicated

A Model for Therapists to Understand, Identify, and Companion Grievers Lost in the Wilderness of Complicated Grief
by Alan D. Wolfelt
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Publisher: Companion Press

Series: The Companioning Series

Publication Date: March 01, 2018

ISBN: 9781617222603

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After a significant loss, grief is normal and necessary. But sometimes a mourner's grief becomes naturally heightened, stuck, or made more complex by especially difficult circumstances, such as suicide, homicide, or multiple losses within a short time period. This is called “complicated grief.” In this primer by one of the world's most respected grief educators, Dr. Wolfelt helps caregivers understand the various factors that often contribute to complicated grief. He presents a model for identifying complicated grief symptoms and, through real-life examples, offers guidance for companioning mourners through their challenging grief journeys. This book rounds out Dr. Wolfelt's resources on the companioning philosophy of grief care, making it an essential addition to your professional library.