When All Roads Lead to the Standoff

How Corporate Governance Fuels White Supremacy
by Jeanne M. Haskin
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Publisher: Algora Publishing

Publication Date: October 05, 2016

ISBN: 9781628941883

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Using eye-witness accounts to narrate the terrifying, failed efforts at communication during the standoffs at Ruby Ridge and in Waco, TX, Haskin offers a psycho-social theory for militant white movements influenced by political economics.

The heart-stopping dialogues as the authorities in both cases make their erroneous calculations are dramatic, but so is the idea that such events can furnish essential clues to success for those who are responsible for de-fusing such conflicts.

The Ruby Ridge standoff and the Branch Davidian siege were symptoms of a broader battle between the goals of Corporate Governance and the hatred of white supremacists. Haskin show that by instilling insecurity, the Corporate power makes a mockery of citizens' free will. Bred by a different set of goals and grievances, white supremacists would use and sacrifice anyone (whites included) to achieve their 'whites-only' world. What if white supremacists and those who favor Corporate Governance find common ground? The worst of both their goals—grotesque levels of deprivation, debt peonage, survival slavery, ethnic cleansing, and racial and religious violence—may be our future.

Events like the Ruby Ridge standoff and the Branch Davidian siege are symptoms of a broader battle.

At the elite end, the wealthy and powerful are driving toward a neo­feudal technocracy as the pinnacle of Corporate Governance and are even enrolling white supremacists in pursuit of those goals. But this can never be benevolent as it works by instilling insecurity in the masses, making a mockery of a free society.

At the grassroots level, white supremacists would also use and sacrifice anyone (whites included) to achieve a "whites-only" world. At the same time, the frustration of the lower social class of white supremacists — not strong enough to destroy Corporate Governance — pushes its leaders to advocate proxy wars pitting ordinary citizens (under the banner of white separatism) against the ...