What Your Lawyer May Not Want You to Know

by Billy F. Brown
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Publisher: Abbott Press

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781458210890

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Who is your lawyer, and what does he or she really do? Thats a question thats not easy to answerunless you go the source. And unfortunately, most lawyers wont give you a straight answer.

In What Your Lawyer May Not Want You to Know, Billy F. Brown unveils the mystery of how lawyers work and how they communicate. In simple language, he helps you understand what happens in a law practice, and he explains the problems clients encounter with lawyers and vice versa. Youll learn

how to determine whether you need a lawyer;
what questions to ask a lawyer;
why lawyers generally disagree with each other; and
how to gain considerable advantages by understanding the legal process.

Whether youre a client, a lawyer, or someone in law school, this guidebook will provide you with important insights about the nature of the legal process. Get a rare insiders look into the practice of law with What Your Lawyer May Not Want You to Know.