We Need to Talk

A New Method for Evaluating Poetry
by Michael Theune & Bob Broad
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Publisher: Channel View Publications

Series: New Writing Viewpoints

Publication Date: October 24, 2017

ISBN: 9781783098873

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We evaluate poems constantly: as workshop leaders, competition judges and journal editors. But how do we judge the success of verse in these contexts? The authors propose an innovative method by which anyone involved in the assessment of poetry can be more transparent about how they value verse. This book foregrounds the ethical and professional obligations of poets, teachers and critics to conduct axiological inquiry so they can discover and publish what they value. We Need to Talk suggests why and how people who care about poetry should communally explore and document their shared (and conflicting) values. This is the first book to provide the background and theory, as well as a practical, working model, for the communal, empirical evaluation of creative writing.