Wake Up

Chemical Dependency Family Interventions
by Eileen Wolfe
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Publication Date: February 01, 2018

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With every possible choice we must identify early and treat early all types of addiction. Then support the maintenance of recovery in everyone.

Chemical Dependency Family Intervention needs to be commonplace and the media needs to focus on Recovery.

Part of the problem is the adult attitudes are pro early drinking in adolescents and some even drink with their children and think nothing of it.

All people should look at their own relationship with alcohol and other drugs. There is a responsible adult mature way to approach alcohol when people are 21 years old.

Those people who are in recovery with alcoholism or addiction do live a productive happy life. The people who are still drinking/drugging along with all their: family/friends who are addicted to them are in desperate need of help. As a society we need to recognize this. We need not sensationalize on the negative, but instead repeatedly showcase those who are healthy recovering families and also families who are healthy and do not have alcoholism/addiction in their family background.

Make an effort to read this book and take action to call a Chemical Dependency Family Interventionist and learn about the family disease of Chemical Dependency. Recovery for the whole family is possible.

So many people will do anything to get their alcoholic/addict help they think, but when you ask them to take a look at themselves and their interaction with their alcoholic/addict many times they say, Well maybe, I dont know or I will definitely think about that. Later they will do nothing.

A Chemical Dependency Family Intervention takes courage. This courage energizes when children who were originally filled with fear, confront their addicted parents and are supported by their aunts, uncles and cousins. The family promises to take care of them while their parents are receiving treatment.

Courage is when a husband confronts his alcoholic wife with love and ...