Wabi Sabi Body: Eternal Spirit

by Eileen Fleming

Publisher: Eileen Fleming

Publication Date: June 17, 2016

ISBN: 9780692650455

Binding: Kobo eBook

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"Wabi-Sabi Body: Eternal Spirit" is a Medical, Political and Spiritual memoir inspired after medical experts recommended Eileen Fleming undergo bilateral total knee replacements to relieve pain due to bone on bone grinding. Instead the retired nurse and full time political peace activist grew older and better through the practice of gentle Yin Yoga, simple Breathing Techniques, Mindfulness and Meditation. Fleming explains:

“Someone who is perfectly herself and never craves to be anything else would be described as wabi. Sabi by itself means the bloom of time. Before the events of 11 September 2001, I was an apolitical privileged American who had embarked upon the inner journey. That day we call 911 was the catalyst that transformed me into a spiritually driven political peace activist. My first of eight trips to Israel Palestine in 2005 inspired me to realize my childhood dream of becoming a reporter and in 2013, I became Senior Non-Arab Correspondent for USA’s The Arab Daily News.

“Studies have shown that peace begins in our mind and hearts, builds in our families and schools and ultimately manifests in less and less violent cultures. To become part of the solution, we have to start looking at our own culture first. The short stories in this book do just that!

“This book is also the bookend to my first published in 2007 with an olive tree on the front cover. I never imagined I would write a seventh book with another olive tree and me on the front cover. I also could not imagine the ashes of my baby brother and our parents would be ‘planted’ in the wabi-sabi garden under that olive tree. Wabi-sabi reminds us that we are all transient beings on this planet—that our bodies, as well as the material world around us, are in the process of returning to dust. But before we do may we all practice the great art of living, which is also a chapter in "Wabi Sabi Body ETERNAL SPIRIT"