Using Aspen Plus in Thermodynamics Instruction

A Step-by-Step Guide
by Stanley I. Sandler

Publisher: Wiley

Publication Date: May 06, 2016

ISBN: 9781118997000

Binding: Kobo eBook

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A step-by-step guide for students (and faculty) on the use of Aspen in teaching thermodynamics

• Easily-accessible modern computational techniques opening up new vistas in teaching thermodynamics
A range of applications of Aspen Plus in the prediction and calculation of thermodynamic properties and phase behavior using the state-of-the art methods
• Encourages students to develop engineering insight by doing repetitive calculations with changes in parameters and/or models
• Calculations and application examples in a step-by-step manner designed for out-of-classroom self-study
• Makes it possible to easily integrate Aspen Plus into thermodynamics courses without using in-class time
• Stresses the application of thermodynamics to real problems