Unstoppable and Fearless: Know What You Want and Get It!

by Jack Raven

Publisher: JNR Publishing Group

Publication Date: August 21, 2015

ISBN: 9781311359865

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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By knowing what you want, you now need the courage to actually get it and win! This book explores and gives you practical steps how you can reduce and perhaps eliminate the fears, and make you unusually comfortable with the discomfort and continually exist outside your comfort zones where growth thrive!

This book will give you insight and the tools to help you be fearlessly stubborn, unstoppable and tough like a juggernaut in going after what you want! Sometimes there’s really no way to avoid that sickening feeling in your stomach, but just to accept it, and launch yourself like a bullet, que sera-sera, unstoppable until you get your paws on the prize!

Table of Contents
Becoming comfortable outside of your comfort zone
Find opportunities to push your boundaries
Positive outlook on fear
Bring ‘em on!
Enjoy the pain
Excitement vs. anxiety
What makes you afraid
The mind exaggerates
Drive helps you barrel through
Look at the logic of the fear
Inventory of your fears
Secondary Benefits
Baby steps
How to go about being fearless
Deconditioning Process
Progressive desensitization
Don’t beat yourself up if you have fears
Different Fears
Fear of Failure
Fear of Embarrassment
Fear of hurting other people
Fear of the unknown
Fear of success
Fear of rejection
“7 Basic Fears” by Napoleon Hill
Fear of poverty
Fear of criticism
Fear of ill health
Fear of the loss of liberty
Fear of old age
Fear of death
Mechanical Tools For Fear Management
EFT and Sedona
Collapsing anchors
Anchoring fear
Anchoring bravery
The actual breaking off anchors
Future Pacing