Unleash Your Inner Creativity: How To Increase Your Creative Confidence & Change Your Life

by Seth Cohen

Publisher: Seth Cohen

Publication Date: July 09, 2015

ISBN: 9781513062426

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Unleash Your Inner Creativity

Creativity is not something reserved for famous artists and sculptors. We all have a creative side that is just dying to get out. We have been led to believe that you need to have some type of special abilities or talents to be creative but that simply is not true.

Once you break away from the mindset that creativity only belongs to "those talented people" you can steal back your personal creative genius. No matter what your profession is in life you need to harness the power of your creative mind in order to succeed. Creativity is really just the ability to create new ideas and then use them.

What You Will Discover Inside 

  • The Origin Story
  • The Biology Of It All
  • Right Brain People vs. Left Brain People
  • What Does It Mean to Think Creatively
  • Is Creativity In Decline?
  • Mental Health And Creativity
  • The Four C Model
  • The Four P’s Of Creativity
  • The Ten Dimensions of Creativity

Creative Thinking

There is an easy and effective way to unleash our creative potential and that is by practicing creative thinking. Instead of doing what you have always done when it comes to the way you solve problems think of something new. You have turned off your creativity because you rely to heavily on what happened in the past. 

Inside Unleash Your inner Creativity the story of the garbage disposal is discussed to show how you can let utilitarian thinking control your actions or you take a moment to think outside of the box. What if you didn't do what you have always done? This is how your inner creativity has a chance to shine. 

When you learn to leverage the power of creative thinking there will be no end to the success you can achieve. If you just thought to yourself that you can't draw so you must not be creative you need this book. Creativity is not just about the arts.