Twenty Minutes with an Angel

by Michael D. Barrett
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: January 15, 2018

ISBN: 9781514425534

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The Angel responded.... To truly discover the fullness of love, you must go deeper within and look to experience the selfless qualities of love. Look to remove your need for its return, and it will come back to you in abundance. To experience the greater joys of the Fathers love, you must freely bestow it upon your fellows. Freely you have received, freely shall you give. Love is abundantly replaced in the heart which gives it forth freely. Much of your journey to peace and joy and to God starts with learning to love yourself. You must first forgive yourself and know that those above you have already done so. You are loved with an eternal and supreme affection by those above you. Every child is infinitely and compassionately cared for from above, so much so, that if you truly knew of its fullness, you would be prone to lose all motor functioning and collapse in tears of joy. The Father hears the cry of all His children, and He resplendently responds to the faintest flicker of faith in the deepest depths of a lost and lonely childs soul. Upon the sincere cry of a confused child compassionately comes the Creator of all creation to meet you right where you are. Open your heart and soul to Him and let in His glorious ways. The Father you have many names for, but His Son, who walked this world as Jesus of Nazareth, has more unseen loyal faithfuls than the human mind has the capacity to comprehend, serving Him in ways a finite and mortal mind can yet begin to grasp. Other than the manifold gravitational sources of Spirit synchrony, alongside a vast and widespread congregation of faithful guides and Spirit personalities, you have all of usyour Seraphic Guardians. What are Seraphic Guardians? What you call angels.