Turkish Kitchenware 15


Publisher: iBooExport

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Publication Date: January 31, 2018

ISBN: 9781641811613

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At ????MM????B, we took pride in participating the international trade fair Ambiente, which
was held between 7 and 11 February 2014, for the 19th time together with 70
participants at Halls 3.0, 5.0 and 10.1. The Turkish national participants that showcased
a wide variety of high quality domestic products and souvenirs made of various
materials from metal to plastic and offered at competitive prices to attract visitors. 48
other Turkish companies that participated in the trade fair independently helped Turkey
rank among the top 10 countries in terms of number of participants at Ambiente. In
short, with the help of prosperous local companies, offering high quality and unique
designs, and through the aggressive promotional activities and events it held, Turkey
became the focus of the industry in the international arena at this year’s edition of the
trade fair which brought together 114 thousand suppliers from 161 countries. Well,
then what does this edition of our magazine, complementary copies of which we plan
to distribute at both the International Home and Housewares Show and the Hong
Kong Houseware fairs, feature? We made an interview to reflect the history of success
of Mehtap, a well-known brand name in both the Turkish and international markets,
holding a 1,8 share in the international market. Stating that 14 Mehtap-branded
products are sold every minute across the world, Mehtap Mutfak E????yalar???? Assistant
General Manager Sinan Paksoy sincerely answered our questions. This edition also
features interviews made with the executives of two other companies: Çetin Plastik,
and Aky????ld????z. We also made a short review of the making of earthenware pottery, a
traditional handicraft which is still popular in some of the regions in Anatolia. Thus, we
discovered that the Menemen Association of Earthenware Pottery ...