Find Your Wings
by Safdar Nilofer, Martuge Donna & Thomas Kass
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Publisher: Nilofer Safdar

Publication Date: May 12, 2016

ISBN: 9781944170295

Binding: Kobo eBook

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What if your whole life could be transformed simply by changing your mind? 

Would you like to enjoy a new sense of being? Tap into the energy of transforming body conditions and issues in your living with ease. Is now the time? 

What would your life be like if you acknowledge you can create your reality and deliberately use your thoughts to create the life you truly desire? Change your thoughts and transform your life, because you're worth it and everyone you love will benefit from it. 

What will it be like when you unleash the magic and potency of your home? What if receiving healing from your home was easier and more fun than you ever thought possible? 

What if you could open a little bottle of oil and have everything about your life show up with more ease and joy? That's what essential oils- my "Little Angels in a Bottle"did for me! They transformed my life and brought me more health and wealth than I could even ever imagine! Are you asking for this too? 

Would you like to enjoy a new sense of being? Craniosacral balancing gives the body energetic impulse that relaxes the body tissues and provides a space that opens up the possibility for transforming several conditions with your body and issues in your living. Is now the time? 

See the transformation in your health, creativity, focus,stress levels,sleep patterns and happiness when you chose to laugh every day. 

Your life will transform when you accept that you never alone.Give hand to angels and walk with them to space of infinite possibilities and unconditional love. 

Break your cocoon, spread your beautiful wings, and FLY