Thinking Through Film

Doing Philosophy, Watching Movies
by Damian Cox

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (UK)

Publication Date: August 26, 2011

ISBN: 9781405193429

Binding: Paperback

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An introduction to philosophy through film, Thinking Through Film: Doing Philosophy, Watching Movies combines the exploration of fundamental philosophical issues with the experience of viewing films, and provides an engaging reading experience for undergraduate students, philosophy enthusiasts and film buffs alike.
  • An in-depth yet accessible introduction to the philosophical issues raised by films, film spectatorship and film-making
  • Provides 12 self-contained, close discussions of individual films from across genres
  • Films discussed include Total Recall, Minority Report, La Promesse, Funny Games, Ikuru, The Dark Knight, Memento, AI and more
  • Explores concepts that span epistemology, metaphysics, fate, choice, robot love, time travel, personal identity, spectacle, ethics, luck, regret, consequentialism, deontology and the philosophy of film itself
  • A uniquely flexible resource for courses in philosophy and film that encourages student reflection, as well as being an engaging read for the film enthusiast