The love left behind

by Montellik

Publisher: Montellik

Publication Date: August 19, 2015

ISBN: 9786050406696

Binding: Kobo eBook

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I was not born learned in love, the only school that made me grow are the experiences that life has given me. She does not care if I make mistakes, the trick is not to always do the same if I want to meet the love.I wrote about my past adulterous love affairs because thanks to them I learned to know myself. With women I went through a number of significant crisis. As a result I have grown and since then my life has flourished. Women are the traveling companions of my life I treasure the most. From my first cry, to the one I just uttered after eating the delicious tagliolini baked in the oven by my sister... and yes, I did go for second helpings. I started by telling you about my failures in love, because amongst those rubbles I found the first gold nuggets you garner when living in peace, peripheral sparkles of an endless mine which is found within me and from which I eagerly extract my riches. I wrote for thirst of beauty and prosperity. Narrating these stories I perceived life as more beautiful than what I believed it to be, even when the lover was not the right one. Now that peace in my life is secured I reap all its wealth. A seventeen year old boy went to Mohamed and told him he was ready to fight and die for Islam. Mohamed asked him if his mother was still alive and the boy said yes. Then Mohamed told him: Go home to your mother, because heaven is to be found at the feet of women.