The failed parade of the "victory" of the Nazis

1941 - in German society, they are eagerly waiting for an early victory over Moscow and a "triumphant" parade of Hitler's troops
by Leonid Shishkin

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Publication Date: March 14, 2018

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The failed parade of the "victory" of the Nazis.
The main Hitlerite oracle, Goebbels, in advance boastfully trumpeted to the whole world that as a result of the blitzkrieg (blitzkrieg), the great Germany is preparing for the "triumphant" parade of the victory of the German troops, November 7, 1941, in Moscow and that all radio stations of the world are obliged to broadcast a parade from the Red Square. "The German army is invincible! - Hitler scoffed in his speeches, - the Red Army-colossus on clay feet. " German generals who blindly believed their Führer about the invincibility of the German army, pompously marching through France, Belgium, Holland - in a matter of days, entire countries were conquering. Now, according to the Fuhrer, they were sent to the East for no more than a three-month walk, to seize the pillars of Bolshevism-Leningrad and Moscow, and that the world would sigh, having freed itself from Bolshevism as a plague.
  In German society, inspired by the "exploits" of Hitler's troops on the Eastern Front, who believed in the power and invincibility of the Third Reich, the war "somewhere out there" and this does not concern them-serenity reigns, the revelry of merriment and with ecstasy await-lack the speedy victory and the fall of Moscow. The townsfolk-the burghers, the petty bourgeoisie, all the middle strata of the population, stupefied by Goebbels' propaganda, retired in secular lounges, bars, dancing balhouses, show off their unique outfits and decorations, show themselves and, most importantly, learn from the military how to do it on the Eastern Front. Semi-naked maid of honor with a decollete neck and bare shoulders, twirled in a waltz and with their inherent frivolity, asked the military: when will we finally hear the word "victory" - the capture of Bolshevik Moscow? Drunken staff officers, admiring women's charms, "secretly" whispered to the ladies that ...