The Value Of Virtualization And Cloud Computing

by Manny Vergara

Publisher: Manny Vergara

Publication Date: May 11, 2015

ISBN: 9781301760855

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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This is an exciting moment for companies to implement virtualization, end user computing and cloud computing projects to accelerate business’s growth as customers automate their manual process in the data center using vSOM, Horizon Suite and vCloud Suite products from VMware. I have highlighted the steps to prepare the steps for transforming your business critical applications into virtual applications in your data center. You will be familiar how to complete your journey to the cloud computing projects successfully.

We live in a dynamic world where end users require access to the Internet 24/7 from anywhere using their own personal devices including (iPADs, Tablets-PC, Smartphones, laptops) online. In chapter six I explain the concept of end user computing in more details to explore how users can access their virtual machines, virtual applications and personal files securely from any Internet browser securely thanks to VMware’s horizon suite product.

I also explain the best business practices to protect your network from computer hackers using sniffing tools and how to create new layers of network security using software defined networking such as the vCloud network and security (vCNS) product from VMware. The vCNS safeguards your data traffic and isolates specific domains networks. It uses the ‘edge gateway’, soft-switch to configure your network firewall rules, dhcp, nat, vpn, load balancing and high availability internally to protect and route the data traffic through your VLAN, port groups and VXLAN encapsulation to L2 and L3 layers more effective instead of using expensive network hardware appliances.