The Universe Has A Number - The Numerology Guide For Beginners And Discovering Numbers That Resonates With Your Future, Money, Career, Love And Destiny

by Donald B. Grey

Publisher: Bluesource And Friends

Publication Date: May 30, 2019

ISBN: 9781393430964

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Are you looking for answers and haven't found any of them in the usual places?

Do you seek answers to why or how certain things always happen in the same way every time but don't know how to explain it?

Are there times when you have a number repeat itself and you look at it constantly trying to figure out why it is always in your life?

All along this book, you will find the secret wisdom of how we are all aligned with the numerical code of the whole Universe and how to understand how it influences your life each day.

Numerology is no new thing.

Ancient societies and cultures have been studying the life of numbers and how they have a say in the energy of all things since man was erecting structures and learning from their environment. And when have all of these ideas come in handy in modern life?

Look around you.

How tall is the tallest skyscraper and how was it constructed? Numbers.

How long have you looked at the same bank account number and maintained a certain level of income in it, wishing for more, and what influences that energy?


How are you going to get yourself the job you truly want to have with the income you know you deserve?


Learning the languages of numbers and the reality behind numerology opens an entire world of wisdom to you, the reader, so that you can uncover an even deeper layer of truth to the life you are already living.

Look inside your house and see all the ways numerology may have already influenced your life. Ask yourself what your numbers are and find right away that there is a secret number hidden within you.

Every part of life, from nature to civilization, ...