The Straight Truth

by Creative Soul

Publisher: Creative Soul

Publication Date: June 03, 2019

ISBN: 9780463430125

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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This eBook attempts to answer the following issues, which we seem to get asked about weekly from just about every artist we work with:

•What should I be spending to record Christian music in Nashville? Is there ever a reason to spend more? Or less?

•Should I be making a multi-song release or are we really in a singles-centric world? Are there reasons to do one, or the other?

•Is the CD still viable? Should I make them at all?

•How do I find a booking agent to get me out there? Is there such a thing?

•What does Radio mean to most independent Christian music artists? Does it make sense to pay a radio promoter thousands of dollars to get my songs to stations? What information will I receive from this? Will it lead to more possible events, brand recognition, or income through performance royalties?

•Should I hire a publicist? How much should I spend, and what do they do?

•How do I market my music?

•Is Social Media still important? If so, which social media network should I put the most into to market my music?

•How do I get my music into stores? Who distributes my music?

•How do I make royalties with my music? What if I am not a songwriter?

•How does copyrighting my songs work? Will someone try and steal my songs?

•How long should I give this? What if people don’t like my music, should I quit?

•How do I know if I am cut out to be an artist? How do I know this is what God wants me to do?

And the number one question we get the most at some point:

•Will I make any money doing this? Can this be what I do for my living?

Creative Soul works on these problems daily as well as keeps up with the things that work and don’t work for independent artists, especially in small genres like Christian Music.