The Safe Box of Health: 3 Steps to Heal Yourself

by Bradley Wilde

Publisher: Bradley Wilde

Publication Date: October 05, 2015

ISBN: 9781452491202

Binding: Kobo eBook

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In the mind are 2 boxes, the Safe Box and the Unsafe Box. The one in which we live determines our health.

If you are frustrated with poor health, chronic pain, and high health care costs, why not just heal yourself?

Ongoing pain and chronic disease indicate a person is living in the Unsafe Box. His body is reacting negatively to stress, past experiences and/or poor nutrition. To heal and be well, he needs to identify those negative stresses and move them into his Safe Box. By doing so his body heals itself and returns to normal. Pain and illness disappear.

In The Safe Box of Health, you will learn:
1. Why chronic pain and other symptoms are not mistakes.
2. How emotional stress causes physical symptoms.
3. How patterns of ongoing symptoms are developed.
4. 3 Powerful Steps you can take to regain and retain your health.
5. 6 Emotional Identifiers to help you identify and update the cause of your symptoms.
7. A nutritional plan that puts your body in a healing mode.
8. How to save thousands of dollars by healing yourself.

The power to heal you is within you. That power is easily unleashed when you use the profound principles in this amazing and unique book.