The Renaissance of Imagination

The Marriage of Heaven and Earth in Florentine Renaissance Art
by Sam Hilt
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Publisher: Contrada Corp. dba Tuscany Tours

Publication Date: January 16, 2016

ISBN: 9780985147952

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As you make your way through "The Renaissance of Imagination", you'll have the opportunity to explore works by artists from Donatello to Botticelli that span Florence's greatest century of art. But you won't find the usual discussions about the dating of particular works, or why a certain painting is considered "important" in the evolution of Western art, or how much was done by the master and how much by his workshop, or who influenced whom. Instead you'll have the opportunity to contemplate these masterpieces of Florentine art in ways that enable you to appreciate their beauty, depth and brilliance more fully. The facts of history, iconography and biography are fully respected, but it is the works of art themselves that are here given the final word. If the Italian Renaissance has ever captured your interest and fired your imagination, this book has been written for you. (59 Full-color Images)