The Pixie Detective

by Larry A. Jaggard

Publisher: Larry A. Jaggard

Publication Date: June 19, 2015

ISBN: 9781476007441

Binding: Kobo eBook

Availability: eBook

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Caitlyn, a pixie girl detective wannabe who dons a Sherlock Holmes hat and carries a large magnifying glass, hangs out at the abandoned shipyard across the meadows from her home, to practice what she tells her mother, "detective work", along with her large black cat she calls Miss Blacky.

One day at the shipyard while hidden under an old dock adjacent to dilapidated warehouses with her cat, Caitlyn listens as two men sit in an old shack once used as an office for the warehouses above her on the dock. They talk about something Caitlyn figures is pretty shady.

At home, Caitlyn tells her mother that she witnessed a frightened little Asian girl being escorted into the shipyard and prepared to be transported some where else. But her mother will not buy it after Caitlyn tries to convince her to ask Miss Blacky her cat, because, "Miss Blacky can tell you, she saw it too."

Even after being warned by her mother to stay away from the shipyard, Caitlyn decides to investigate strange sounds she heard from across the meadows the night before, with the aid of her cat, Miss Blacky, who she has already discovered, possesses very unusual traits for an animal.

Caitlyn comes to realize there's danger in places little children should not venture. But it may be too late for her when she gets trapped inside the shipyard while helping the little Asian girl escape from the men in the shack, when they discover her snooping around and fear she may have stumbled on their illegal operation.