The Philosophy of Health: mind over body perspective on wellness and happiness

by Marcotte, Dr Justin
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Publisher: Trafford Publishing Ebooks

Publication Date: December 18, 2015

ISBN: 9781490744247

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We are most concern by the escalating health problems in our society. Great suffering and other consequences due to chronic diseases occupy much of our time and consume more resources than other problems combined. Public funds, as well as our personal finances, do not suffice to counter this human bane that impede on our health and well-being. Do we need to look elsewhere for our misery and decline of our prosperity? How could we aspire to happiness when in the end we are doomed to painful disease? Yet, we live a new era in health care where evidence points to a change of paradigm. We finally discover the power of our brain to recover health if only we would learn to use it. The means to find renewed body vitality and happiness of the mind are provided in this book. The author invites you to the discovery of your real identity: your spiritual self. Discover the philosophy that allows one the optimal state of health, true happiness, and the sense of abundance: the pillars of destiny.