The Pandering

by John Lefler
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Publisher: Xlibris US

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781543473940

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Buck fill up the stove with petroleum it keeps the heat to midnight then he has to full up again, he was so drunk his had shacking can find the hole on the stove the petroleum went all over in the floor he waived had the table the lamp fall to the floor fifteen minute the hole house was burn to the ground Inside all five was dead WHEN THE FIRE TRUCK CAME CAN’T SEE THE HOUSE JUST ASSES THE HOUSE BURN TO THE GROUND THE CHIEF SAID THIS WAS NOT A HOUSE TO LEAVE IN BUILD FOR PEOPLE FOR RANNI DAYS ALL PYWOOD NO SMOKE JUST BURN AS A PEPER OLD BUCK LIVE IN FOR FREE NO HIDRO NO WATHER USE RAIN WATER I’M SURE OLD BUCK IS DEAD THE POLICE OFFICER SAID I HAD TO LOOK FOR HIS BODY IT WAS SURPRISED WHEN THE OFFICER FIND FIVE DEAD BODY TO DENEFINE WAS NOT BAD ANNIE’S CAR I TOLD EVERYTHING WHEN IT WAS INVESTIGATION