The Orvis Wingshooting Handbook, Fully Revised and Updated

Proven Techniques For Better Shotgunning
by Bruce Bowlen & Dylan Snell
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Publisher: Lyons Press

Series: Orvis

Publication Date: September 01, 2019

ISBN: 9781493037506

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Too many shotgunners imagine that their success in the field, or lack of it, is largely a question of innate ability and luck. Not true, say Bruce Bowlen and Dylan Snell, long-time Orvis shotgun instructors. Good shooting depends as much on effective technique as it does on natural talent, instinct, and favorable circumstances. With the proper instruction, bad shots can become good ones, and good shots will surprise themselves with how much better they can be.

In this concise and clearly written guide to the fundamentals of the sport, the authors cover the basic elements as well as the intricacies of proper wing shooting. The correct stance, timing and motion, equipment, and safety procedures are described in detail. In addition, there are sections on field shooting versus clay-target shooting, how to lead, the master eye, gun fit, and much more. The updated text and illustrations contain the latest insights into the sport as it has evolved since the publication of the first edition more than twenty years ago.

Maybe you shoot a great deal, or maybe you hunt just a few times a year, or maybe you’ve already decided to take lessons. In any case, The Orvis Wingshooting Handbook is your primer. For the cost of a few boxes of shells, you’ve got at your fingertips the techniques for making every shot count.