The Ore Minerals and Their Intergrowths

by Ramdohr, Paul
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Publisher: Pergamon

Publication Date: August 26, 2015

ISBN: 9781483280912

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The Ore Minerals and Their Intergrowths focuses on the properties, characteristics, and reactions of ore minerals.

The book first offers information on genetic systematics of ore deposits and ore textures. Discussions focus on meteorites, magmatic, sedimentary, and metamorphic sequences, fabric properties considered from a purely geometric point of view, genetic fabric types, and the relationship of ore textures with industrial minerals. The text then elaborates on annotation concerning the arrangement of materials and elements and intermetallic compounds.

The publication takes a look at alloy-like compounds and tellurides and common sulfides and "sulfosalts". Topics include umangite, bornite, jalpaite, argentite, naumannite, crookesite, coloradoite, novakite, orcelite, maucherite, parkerite, and horsfordite. The manuscript further touches on oxide ore minerals and gangue minerals and non-opaque oxide ore minerals, including quartz, calcite, dolomite, siderite, cerussite, smithsonite, jarosite, tenorite, zincite, and cuprite.

The text is a dependable reference for readers interested in ore minerals and their intergrowths.