The “Nonsense” Papers

2012 and Beyond: Ufo Anthology, Volume One
by James W. Astrada
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Publisher: iUniverse

Publication Date: January 12, 2018

ISBN: 9781475946703

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The idea of aliens and UFOs has always played a crucial role in human history. Regardless of the ridicule this mind-set inspires in skeptics, the intense speculation and debate on this topic continues to intrigue around the world. Hundreds have shared detailed personal experiences of contact with these beings or crafts, recounting a wide variety of alien interaction with our world and its peoples. Yet the official explanationsswamp gas, weather balloons, and morejust dont match up with these reports.

The Nonsense Papers anthology explores these controversial and contemporary issues, considering a wide variety of interrelated topics:

Military black projects based on alien technology
Former NASA missions (and the possible secrets they hold)
An alternative view on organized religious cults (and how their origin by our creators from the stars)
Environmental issues, including climate change
Time travel
Testimonies from those who offer insight on alien contact
The future and fate of our planet after 2012

This collection also focuses on humanity and culture, examining where we are headed if we continue down our current path. It questions those who plan to save humanity by making exaggerated claims and impossible goals and challenges us to analyze and examine ourselves and our society as a whole. It implores humans to use common sense, rationality, and logic as our present life seems void of feelings, dreams, hopes, and desires.

Overall, the only way humans can save these precious ideologies is in the discovery of ourselves.