The Miracle of Copenhagen

Arsenal's Unbelievable European Cup Winners Cup Run and Triumph
by Layth Yousif
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Publisher: Amberley Publishing

Publication Date: May 15, 2016

ISBN: 9781445649504

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The Miracle of Copenhagen is the definitive story of the Gunners’ triumph in Europe in 1993/94. Using interviews with players, fans and journalists the author explores what was one of the most defining wins in Arsenal’s history. By not only honouring exceptional players and managers but the travelling Gunners of the early ’90s, this book offers a nostalgic look back into the tournament that was the catalyst for Arsenal as they are today. It is the author’s theory that without the Miracle of Copenhagen Arsenal would not have grown to the mighty team that they are today. Layth Yousif is a journalist and author and he has been watching Arsenal since the early ’80s and has had a season ticket for more than three decades. Through this unique level of expertise and passion Layth explores the team’s path to victory and covers each game with zeal that perfectly mirrors the passion of the fans at the time. This book highlights just how important the support of travelling fans is at away games and the positive impact they can have on their team’s result.