The Medical-Social and the Forensic-Psychiatric Aspects of Gerontology and Geriatric Psychiatry

by Yuri Davydovich Krivoruchko
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Publication Date: May 01, 2017

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In the course of the study, we have used the methodological approach to the scientific substantiation of the comprehensiveness of expert assessments of the mental state of patients-offenders suffering from cerebral-organic pathology. As a result, we have formulated the following general points: —The forensic-psychiatric expert procedure is comprehensive in nature due to the participation of medical doctors, medical psychiatrists, and medical psychologists. —Medical-social examination, which is carried out for the purposes of determining the social status of patients (disabled or not disabled) and their need for social protection, is a processthat is comprehensive due to participation of medical doctors, medical clinicians, and medical psychologists. —The comprehensiveness of expert assessments—the forensic psychiatric and the medical social ones—is made more complex due to the comprehensiveness of each one of these expert assessments. —The methodological approach to the comprehensiveness of expert assessments is based on taking into account the following three principles: the principle of continuity, the principle of cooperation, and the principle of psychological support for patients-offenders, provided to them over the entire length of their medical-social route.